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For NVIDIA cards, you can also install OpenCL and mine that way, or you can.I agree to receive correspondence from I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime.

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Is Bitcoin mining profitable after the mining difficulty increased dramatically in the past 2 years.While GPU mining still does work better on AMD-based graphics processors using OpenCL, the latest versions of the CUDAminer software intended for use on Nvidia-based.The kernel is memory-bound, meaning that its speed it limited by memory access times.

How To Mine Dogecoin On Windows Mostly Tech. Loading. dogecoin thread on bitcointalk. cudaminer thread and download.

Could anyone benchmark this for me on a 780 (Ti) or Titan

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This problem is also present in Cryptonote, that was covered a bit in the CCMiner thread.This is very early software, so any bug reports are appreciated.Download and extract the latest version of cudaMiner (SEE BITCOINTALK - CUDAMINER LINK BELOW).

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The program is a frontend for cgminer, reaper and cudaminer and is intended to simplify things for new miners and remove yet another barrier to entry for.

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Then after that I upgraded the instance to have GPUs, but failed at installing NVidia drivers.Even the bitcointalk post goes about it in where only those familiar with. vertminer.bat settings for two AMD HD 7970...

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To see if your hashing rate is comparable to others, you can look up your GPU on.Cudaminer now supports scrypt-jane and other variable N-factor algos, and has a variety of.

I have no problems compilling your previous existing builds and geth on my linux machine.Anything you need regarding selling or buying hashing power, user accounts and dashboards is answered on.

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This guide is for Dogecoin but the instructions will work fine for Multipool.For solo mining, instead of connecting to a pool server you connect to your own.Pooled mining is recommended for most users, since it gives steadier payouts.

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BUGFIX: Number of total hashes per second now displays correctly.No performance gains, but it should be more compatible with latest ethminer now.Download the latest cudaminer package via the bitcointalk forum.

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But, because the Ethminer only reports the total hashing rate for the rig, and not the individual cards and the hash rate accepted, it is difficult to see what is really happening.See --help section bug with specific multiple cuda device selection likely fixed (please test, I have only 1 GPU) Linux compilation untested.

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BUGFIX: Bug that caused only one reaper miner tab to function when multiple were present fixed.CUDA Miner is the command line program used for Litecoin mining with NVIDIA graphics cards. CUDA Miner Bitcointalk Thread.It is not a server, so it has to connect either to a mining pool, or to your.Earlier today a Bitcoin newcomer reportedly received over 22 Bitcoin after holding up a sign with a Bitcoin QR code.

You might post this over on the bitcointalk thread for CudaMiner (see the top of this page for.

Pull requests 9. was delayed by 24 hours and a cpuminer source code was posted to bitcointalk.FEATURE: Tooltips added to explain parameters for scrypt kernel.But the load on the processor is less than when using --high-cpu-load.

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